Washington state divorce rights for men

Adultery in Washington: Does Cheating Affect Alimony?

These cases are complex, however, and you need a knowledgeable and skilled attorney on your side. Call David J.

2. Washington Courts Do Not Consider Marital Misconduct

In the case re: Marriage of Hughes , the court ruled against a judge who wanted to prevent Hughes from divorcing her incarcerated husband and marrying the father of the child she was carrying. These laws went into effect in July Based on these laws, pregnant women or their husbands can file for the dissolution of their marriage and receive a divorce in the normal time frame.

Judges cannot delay or deny your divorce based only on a pregnancy. If they try, we will be there to ensure your rights remain protected.

Washington Family Law Practice Areas

Some parts of these cases proceed in the same way, regardless of paternity. Others, however, hinge on the situation at hand.

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Under the Washington State Uniform Parentage Act , the courts presume the husband or former husband is the father of any child born within the 10 months immediately following a divorce. This means the husband is automatically responsible for the care of the child. When the husband is not the father, however, this raises an issue.

To prevent the husband from having a legal obligation to a child that is not his, we need to get a court order showing he is not the father, otherwise known as a disestablishment of paternity.

Assets Considered Community Property

Legal overview of divorce in Washington. Washington is a community property state meaning all property acquired during the marriage is divided equally. These are some Washington divorce laws you may not be aware of. Washington Is a “Community Property” State. 6 Surprising Washington.

Some people choose to not finalize their divorce until they complete a paternity test. They often wait until after the child is born because of the risks associated with in utero testing. But then you have to consider those that seemingly come out of nowhere. Countless factors will impact the final amount of your case, these are a few of them.

When Mistakes Are Something You Can’t Afford

Pregnancy and Divorce. Others, however, hinge on the situation at hand. Thank you Todd! Retrieved October 28, Keeping what you worked so hard to save all these years is only fair.

Simple, straightforward divorces can be relatively inexpensive. But the more complicated things get, the faster fees pile up.

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With that in mind, here are some costs, obvious and otherwise, you should be aware of when dissolving a marriage. But even if you take a do-it-yourself approach, you have to pay. This includes fees for filing, a judicial surcharge, and court facilitator costs. From there, you have to serve your spouse.

Average Costs of Divorce In Washington

If you hire a lawyer, they can handle that, likely for a fee, or you can use an outside process server. Essentially, any time you have to submit paperwork, respond to the opposition, or appear before a judge, expect to shell out at least few dollars and watch the cost of divorce creep higher. Beyond the first step, you encounter costs for filing petitions, responding to motions, and appearing in court.

Seattle Divorce, How to Get the Washington State Divorce Process Started

Hiring an experienced lawyer helps you navigate complex legal waters. A professional knows the process, can answer your questions, and steer you towards the best outcome.

But this comes with a significant price tag. The extent of these costs coincides with the complexity of your case. In short, the more issues, the more time you spend with your divorce lawyer, the more fees you rack up. Being organized, having all of your paperwork in order, and doing some of the legwork cuts down on how much your lawyer needs to do, thus how much they bill you for. Those men who take control of their divorce get a better result than those who leave everything to their lawyer.

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Overlooked is most areas of divorce are tax laws. The question you need to answer is, "How will my taxes be handled after my divorcee? Who claims the deduction for the kids and house?

What if the IRS decides to come after you for any prior year adjustments? Who is responsible for any adjustment amount? Are you going to pay for it all or is your ex-wife responsible for half?