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A receipt shall be given for any paper, record or exhibit withdrawn from the files. If any model, diagram or exhibit is withdrawn under this paragraph, the party or attorney who withdraws the same shall file an affidavit or unsworn declaration with the clerk to the effect that the person who withdraws it is the owner of or lawfully entitled to the possession of the model, diagram or exhibit. If documents are returned as undeliverable, or if exhibits are not appropriate for mailing, the court may destroy such documents or dispose of such exhibits no earlier than 90 days from the expiration of the appeal period.

Form of pleadings. All papers shall be typewritten or prepared by some other process that will produce clear and permanent copies equally legible to printing. The print size shall not be more than 10 characters per inch, e. Only one side of the paper may be used, unless the document is a writ, a summons, or a proof of service. In addition to the original document, 2 extra copies may be submitted to the court for processing. Any excess copies received for conforming purposes will be returned.

Pages must be numbered consecutively and at the bottom. Lines of pages must be numbered in the left margin. All original pleadings or papers requiring judicial signatures must list the signature line within four lines of the last line of the order, ensuring no page separation between the last line of the order and the signature line.

The space to the right of center shall be reserved for the filing marks of the clerk. The title must be sufficient in description to apprise the respondent and clerk of the nature of the document filed, or the relief sought, e. Exhibits that are smaller must be affixed to a blank sheet of paper of the appropriate size.

All exhibits attached to pleadings or papers must clearly show the exhibit number at the bottom or on the right side. Copies of exhibits must be clearly legible and not unnecessarily voluminous. Original documents must be retained by counsel for introduction as exhibits at the time of a hearing or at the time of trial rather than attached to pleadings. When a decision of the court of appeals or of a district court or other court of the United States has been reported in the Federal Reporter System, that citation, court and year of decision must be given.

Paragraph a , except as to the size of paper, and paragraph c of this rule do not apply to printed forms furnished by the clerk, the district attorney, or public defender. Each sheet must be numbered on the left margin and must contain a minimum of 24 lines of type. The first line of each question or of each answer may be indented not more than 5 spaces from the left margin. The first line of any paragraph or other material may be indented not more than 10 spaces from the left margin. There must not be more than 1 space between words or more than 2 spaces between sentences.

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The type size must not be larger than 10 characters per inch. Amending pleadings. Unless otherwise permitted by the court, every pleading to which an amendment is submitted as a matter of right, or has been allowed by order of the court, must be retyped or reprinted and filed so that it will be complete in itself, including exhibits, without reference to the superseded pleading. No pleading will be deemed to be amended until there has been compliance with this rule.

A pleader may, upon ex parte application, obtain an order from the court directing the clerk to remove any exhibit attached to prior pleadings and attach the same to the amended pleading. Motions: Procedure for making motions; affidavits and unsworn declarations; renewal, rehearing of motions. The absence of such memorandum may be construed as an admission that the motion is not meritorious and cause for its denial or as a waiver of all grounds not so supported.

Failure of the opposing party to serve and file a written opposition may be construed as an admission that the motion is meritorious and a consent to granting the same. Upon the expiration of the 5-day period, either party may notify the calendar clerk to submit the matter for decision by filing and serving all parties with a written request for submission of the motion, except that dispositive motions must be set for hearing.

Affidavits or unsworn declarations shall contain only factual, evidentiary matter, shall conform with the requirements of JCRCP 56 e , and shall avoid mere general conclusions or argument.

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Affidavits or unsworn declarations substantially defective in these respects may be stricken, wholly or in part. Oral testimony may be received at a hearing with the approval of the court, or the court may set the matter for a hearing at a time in the future and allow oral examination of the affiants or declarants to resolve factual issues shown to be in dispute.

Motions for continuance: Contents, service of affidavits or unsworn declarations; counter-affidavits and counter-unsworn-declarations; argument. A motion or stipulation for continuance shall state the reason therefor and whether or not any previous request for continuance had been either sought or granted. The motion or stipulation must certify that the party or parties have been advised that a motion or stipulation for continuance is to be submitted in their behalf and must state any objection the parties may have thereto. Extension or shortening of time.

Such motion shall be made to the judge who is to try the case. Upon presentation of a motion for extension, if a satisfactory showing is made to the judge that a good faith effort has been made to notify the opposing party of the motion, and the judge finds good cause therefor, the judge may order ex parte a temporary extension pending a determination of the motion.

Trial, hearing of cause, proceeding, motion entered into by one judge prevents action by another judge unless requested; only judge having charge of cause may grant further time to plead, act.


Application for writ, order to another judge prohibited when same application pending before different judge or previously denied; exception. When an application, petition, or motion for any writ or order has been made to a justice of the peace and is pending or has been denied by such judge, the same application or motion shall not again be made to the same or another justice of the peace, except upon the consent in writing of the judge to whom the application or motion was first made. Appearances in proper person. Unless appearing by an attorney regularly admitted to practice law in Nevada and in good standing, no entry of appearance or subsequent document purporting to be signed by any party to an action shall be recognized or given any force or effect unless the same shall be notarized, or signed with an unsworn declaration pursuant to NRS Corporations and limited liability corporations LLC shall be represented by an attorney.

Preparation of findings, conclusions, and judgment. In a civil case, where a judge directs an attorney to prepare findings of fact, conclusions of law, and judgment, the attorney shall serve a copy of the proposed document upon counsel for all parties who have appeared, or upon the party if a party has appeared in proper person at the trial. No earlier than 5 days after service, the attorney shall submit the same to the court for signature, together with proof of such service.

Interrogatories and admissions. Filing orders. Any order, judgment or decree that has been signed by a judge must be filed with the clerk of the court promptly. Effective date. Each of these rules shall become effective upon approval by the Nevada Supreme Court, but this shall not affect any proper action taken prior to the effective date of a given rule.

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Clerk Responsibilities. There will be a delay between court filings and judicial action and the posting of such data. Pursuant to provisions of the Florida Constitutions, which have governed the people for over years, the role of the Clerk of Courts was established in three main areas: Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts, You may search by person or by a specific court date. Search By : Click one of the above or Click hereback to home. It is the mission of the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County to serve the citizens of Cook County and the participants in the judicial system in an efficient, effective and ethical manner. Visit our page on Nevada family law to learn more.

Random assignments. If there are no prior summary eviction cases involving the same tenant within the last year, the current case will be randomly assigned. In the event that the department cannot successfully transfer the case, the matter shall be referred to the chief judge for resolution or reassignment. Setting cases for trial. The applicant shall file the original and serve a copy upon the other party. Notices of Motion and Chambers Calendars. The notice of motion must be substantially in the following form:. This means that the moving party has asked the court to decide this case without a trial, based on written materials, including affidavits and unsworn declarations, submitted in support of the motion.

The judge may then review the proposed order and may render a decision or abstain from ruling on the motion until a hearing has been conducted. Dispositive motions must be set for hearing. Trial memoranda. The plaintiff must designate the time and place of the meeting, which must be within Clark County, unless the parties agree otherwise. At this conference between counsel, all exhibits must be exchanged and examined and counsel must also exchange a list of the names and addresses of all witnesses, including experts, to be called at the trial.

Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the attorneys must then prepare a joint pretrial memorandum, which must be served and filed not less than 15 days before the date set for trial. If an agreement cannot be reached, a pretrial memorandum must be prepared separately by each attorney and so submitted.

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A courtesy copy of each pretrial memorandum must be delivered to the court at the time of filing. Henry J. A guilty verdict is not the end of the story in the Killer Girlfriend murder trial.

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The podcast is available right now, with new episodes every Thursday. Adam Kaufman is charged with second-degree murder for allegedly strangling his wife to death.

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An Iowa hog farmer is facing life in prison for the murder of his wife. Omar Long, 30, faced up to 15 years in prison for allegedly forgetting his month-old daughter in the backseat of his locked car in the summer heat. Simpson is accused of rounding up five men, and bursting into a Las Vegas hotel room to steal a trove of sports memorabilia from two collectibles dealers. Jodi Arias faced the death penalty for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, year-old Travis Alexander.

Christopher McNabb and Cortney Bell are being charged in a joint trial for the murder of their two-week-old baby Caliyah. The couple, who are first cousins, lived in a mobile home in Newton County, Georgia. Baby Caliyah was found inside a bag in a wooden area not far from her parents' home. However, during the course of , Jordan became involved with local politics here in Las Vegas. He befriended judicial candidates on Facebook and then began making political contributions to their campaigns and attended numerous campaign events.

Jordan has bragged on numerous occasions that he knows all the judges in town and has had lunch with Mayor Goodman and Sheriff Lombardo. How can you represent the community when you have a Domestic Violence Case against you? I never received a phone call, letter, or email that the case was re-opened. On March 16, , I received a phone call from Suzette, who was assigned to the case. She stated she would have to call me back once she had the physical file in her hands.

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View and Pay Traffic Citations View and Pay Criminal Records Civil Records Court Calendar. Las Vegas Justice Court Civil and Criminal Cases are available on. The vision of the Las Vegas Justice Court is to maximize access to Justice, in your criminal case may have been reassigned to a different department.

How is that disturbing the peace? Poleski was silent and gave me no response. It appears some form of corruption has transpired and I feel that because I do not come from a wealthy family nor am I involved with local politics, that I am being silenced and pushed to the side. If all it takes to erase the past is for an individual to make a few political contributions and attend political events, then our community is in serious trouble and is soaked with corruption.