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When it comes to financial protection for your family, life insurance is one of the best choices you can make. If you already have it, be sure to have a conversation with your loved ones about your coverage. You can also learn how whole life insurance works. While it is difficult, finding out if a policy exists after death is not impossible. When a loved one passes away unexpectedly or without an estate plan, there are several steps you can take to determine if any coverage exists.

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If you are unsure whether the deceased had a life insurance policy, talk with people outside of the immediate family. For that reason, your loved one may have confided about their benefits in friends, spiritual leaders, doctors, or social groups they were a part of such as book clubs or exercise groups. If your loved one had a policy, there is likely some record of it amidst their personal belongings.

Are Health Insurance Claims Public Record?

Contact their bank to see if they had a safe deposit box or bought a policy through the bank. Records may be retained on any commercially viable media that provides an accurate reproduction of the record. JustAnswer is a public forum and questions and responses are not private or confidential or protected by the Review life insurance applications The application for each policy is attached to that policy. As life insurance companies do not generally notify the beneficiary of the insurance policy in the event of death, it is up to you to uncover any life insurance policies out there that may exist. Call us at , 8 a. The best public record websites are the government sites.

Check paperwork in his or her home and business. Accessing safe deposit boxes can be more difficult, and requirements vary by state.

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If you do not have the key, there may be an extra fee to drill into the box. Once opened, bank officers can deliver life insurance documents to named beneficiaries, but other contents must remain in place until a will or estate plan is executed.

Even if there is no record of the policy itself, there are other documents that may give you some clues:. Credit card and other financial statements may also help you find out if a policy exists. Get Help With Funeral Costs.

Tracing a life insurance policy

Contact past and present employers, as well as professional and social organizations of which your loved one was a member. Many people receive free or low-cost policies through work or as a member benefit. Even if your loved one was retired or no longer active in these groups, the policy could still be in place.

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Several websites offer free search tools to help users find unclaimed assets, including death benefits. There are also companies who will search for a lost policy for your loved one.

Representatives will contact hundreds of life insurance companies on your behalf to determine whether your loved one had a policy. Fees vary, and scams involving this type of service do exist, so do your research before you go this route.

By state law, our office is tasked with reviewing the forms of policies sold by licensed insurance companies in Montana. Public Access We offer the public several methods of accessing insurance company filings electronically.

If you do not locate the information that you seek, you may submit a public records request to the public record keeper at the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance. Email this written request to csi mt.

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